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CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in August 2014 and was formed by a research team of basic research and applied research on nuclear materials and safety assessment in IMR. Currently, the laboratory is the only unit specializing in nuclear materials and safety assessment at CAS. It has unique advantages in research and development of nuclear materials, manufacture of key structural components in nuclear power plants, study of materials degradation in high-temperature high-pressure water, and the design and manufacture of corrosion test equipment in high-temperature high-pressure water. In the last five years, the laboratory has published 231 peer-reviewed papers and been granted 63 patents. By conducting breakthrough research and developing innovative technology, the laboratory aims to support the rapid development of nuclear power plants in China and contribute to society.
Special Alloys for Nuclear Applications
Fundamental Research and Processing Technology of Nuclear Materials
Heavy Nuclear Power Forgings and Manufacturing Technologies
Precise Pipe For Nuclear Use
Fabrication and Processing of Neutron-absorbing B4C/Al Composites
Welding Consumables and Process for Nuclear Power Plants
Inspection of welding materials for nuclear
Nickel-based Superalloys Applied in the Nuclear Industry
Special Film
Ferritic/Martensitic Heat-resistant Steels for Nuclear Facilities
Stress Corrosion Cracking of Nuclear Materials
Environmental Assisted Fatigue Evaluation of Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Plants
Materials Degradation Mechanisms and Protection Methods in Multiphase Flow
Corrosion Protection and Life Assessment of Nuclear Materials
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CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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