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Special Alloys for Nuclear Applications
2018-08-17        |        【print

The research group mainly focuses on the design and development of high performance alloys for severe service application, and concentrates on the evolution of microstructure and properties of materials during the long-term service. Research highlights include: proposed the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of high-strength hydrogen-resistant alloys; optimized the design of hydrogen-resistant alloys applicable to high-pressure hydrogen environment; developed a series of hydrogen-resistant engineering alloys having tensile strength in the range of 200–800 MPa and established a technology platform composed of manufacturing, processing, testing and characterization; investigated the microstructure evolution and mechanical properties degradation  of austenitic steel and reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel after long-term service at elevated temperature. Developed products such as hydrogen-resistant engineering alloys, small diameter tubes, steel?aluminum composite parts and so on, have been applied to national key projects. The above works have won National Science and Technology Progress Award for three times and the CAS Science and Technology Progress Award for four times.

Precipitation behavior in 316 austenitic steel with prolonged exposure at 550~600℃

Carbide evolution in ferritic/martensitic steel after long-term exposure at 550℃ for 5000h


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