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Precise Pipe For Nuclear Use
2018-08-17        |        【print

Mainly engaged in researching and preparing special and precise alloy pipes, wires, springs etc., including testing and evaluation of components. The effects of alloy composition, processing technology and heat treatment process on the microstructure, mechanical properties, technological properties and service properties of the precision pipes, wires and springs were investigated. Fatigue performance test and microstructure and property analysis of the fabricated parts under long service condition are also carried out. he small batch production of Inconel-718 tubes  has been applied to Pakistan Kashima and Karachi nuclear power plant reactor "O" shaped seal ring making.X12Cr13 thick wall pipes for driving rods of million KW nuclear power plants have passed the hot test of the nuclear power unit driving mechanism, such as CNP1000, CPR1000, EPR1700, Hualong No.1.And cooperated with enterprises to complete the first batch of nuclear X12Cr13 thick wall pipe mass production in China, used in Pakistan, Karachi nuclear power plant reactor drive rod manufacturing.

CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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