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2018-08-17        |        【print

ODS-FeCrAl alloy has been regarded as one of the most promising candidate material of new nuclear fuel cladding owing to its excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, irradiation damage resistance, corrosion resistance and relatively good plasticity. By now, the ODS-FeCrAl alloy bars and tubes developed by our research team have demonstrated comparable mechanical properties and thermal stability to those reported by abroad researchers. Both the composition and process adjustment will be performed to further improve the comprehensive properties of materials as cladding materials needed. Some ODS-FeCrAl alloy tubes with good performance will be used for further checked-up test of accident tolerant fuel (ATF).

New Type Cladding Material of Nuclear Fuel

Mechanical properties and microstructure of ODS-FeCrAl(12%Cr) bars and tubes after heat-treating: (a) 800℃/1h  (b)1100℃/1h

CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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