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Corrosion Protection and Life Assessment of Nuclear Materials
2018-08-20        |        【print

The root causes of the failure of nuclear equipment and key components are analyzed. Control methods of various types of corrosion for nuclear power key equipments and materials in high temperature high pressure are studied, including water chemistry control, surface modification and treatment, cathodic protection and heat treatment, etc. The data base of material serving in typical nuclear environment is accumulated and built up. The damage descriptive models of nuclear components are established by modeling the material characters/corrosion environment/load and combining them with fabrication processes of materials. Operation process optimization/service safety analysis and assessment/long-term service life prediction of nuclear power equipment are developed. Standards of nuclear materials in China on material selection/design/operation/assessment are developed to guarantee the safety of our advanced nuclear power plants.

Zn-injection Water Chemistry Improving Corrosion Resistance and Reduce the Dissolution Rate

Failure Analysis/Safety Assessment/Life Prediction of Elbows of Some Nuclear Power

CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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