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Ductile bulk metallic glass.

Schroers J, Johnson WL.

Keck Laboratory of Engineering Materials, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, USA.

We report on experimental evidence of pronounced global plasticity measured in monolithic Pt57.5Cu14.7Ni5.3P22.5 bulk metallic glass under both bending and unconfined compression loading conditions. A plastic strain of 20% is measured, never before seen in metallic glasses. Also, permanent deformation and a strain exceeding 3% before failure is observed during bending of 4 mm thick samples. To date, no monolithic metallic material has exhibited such a combination of high strength, extensive ductility, and high elastic limit. The large plasticity is reflected in a high Poisson ratio of 0.42, which causes the tip of a shear band to extend rather than initiate a crack. This results in the formation of multiple shear bands and is the origin of the observed large global ductility and very high fracture toughness, approximately 80 MPa m(-1/2).

PMID: 15697909 [PubMed]