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Heavy Nuclear Power Forgings and Manufacturing Technologies
2018-08-17        |        【print

As the key components of NPPs, large forged pressure vessels and rotors suffer from the time-consuming hot-working process, complicated manufacturing technologies, low qualification rates, and high costs for experimental investigation. Considering all elements in the manufacturing chain, and based on metallurgy, materials science, hot-working, computational simulation, and other cross-disciplinary means, our team aims to systematically research potential forming processes and methods to control the defects, microstructures, and properties of the forged pieces. By collaborating with related core domestic enterprises, we perform cooperative research to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality key components for NPPs, and provide relevant enterprises with prototype technologies and on-site technical support.

We focus on the following issues: 1) quantitative methods of controlling the material composition and alloy phase; 2) technology to control the macro-segregation and central defects of large ingots; 3) technology to manufacture large high-quality forged pieces in short periods; 4) the integrated forming control technology of large forgings and complicated pieces; 5) the whole-process simulation and optimization of hot manufacturing technology for heavy forgings.

Dissection of tonnage nuclear power rotor steel ingot and research on the macro segregation mechanism

Simulation and optimization of integrated SG and PR forgings forming process of theAP1000 nuclear power reactor

CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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