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Materials Degradation Mechanisms and Protection Methods in Multiphase Flow
2018-08-20        |        【print

The main research interests focus on the materials degradation mechanism and protection method in gas/liquid/particle multiphase flow, such as erosion-corrosion and cavitation erosion mechanism of various flow-handling components (pump, valve, pipelines, etc.) as well as their synergism with corrosion, flow-accelerated corrosion in secondary loops of nuclear power plant, liquid droplet erosion of the last stage blades of steam turbine, the failure mechanism and lifetime extension of condenser tubes, materials and coatings development for pumps operated in seawater containing sand. The lifetime extension of various flow-handling components can be achieved by failure analysis, test and evaluation of erosion-corrosion and cavitation erosion resistance of materials and coatings, numerical simulation, development of erosion-corrosion and cavitation erosion resistant materials and coatings as well as the corrosion monitoring and detection techniques.

CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment

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