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Annealing Effect on Wear Resistance of Nanostructured 316L Stainless Steel Subjected to Dynamic Plastic Deformation Wang B, Yao B, Han Z Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2012 28 10 871-877
Quantifying the microstructures of pure Cu subjected to dynamic plastic deformation at cryogenic temperature Yan F, Zhang H W, Tao N R, Lu, K Journal of Materials Science and Technology 2011 27 8 673-679
Effect of friction stir welding parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the dissimilar Al-Cu joints P. Xue, D.R. Ni, D. Wang, Z.Y. Ma Mat Sci Eng A 2011 528 13-14 4683-4689
The structural stabilities of Al3(Sc1-xMx) by first-principles calculation H. Zhang, S. Q. Wang Comput. Mater. Sci. 2011 50 2162-2166
Identifying the role of nanoscale heterogeneities in pitting behaviour of Al-based metallic glass Zhang S D,Wang Z M,Chang X C,Hou W L,Wang J Q CORROSION SCIENCE 2011 53 5 3007-3015
The Oxidation and Oxygen Permeation Resistance of Quartz Particle-Reinforced Aluminosilicate Glass Coating on Titanium Alloy Shen M L, Zhu S L, Chen M H, Wang F H JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 2011 94 8 2436-2441
Cavitation erosion behavior of nanocomposite Ti-Si-C-N & Ti/Ti-Si-C-N coatings deposited on 2Cr13 stainless steel using a Plasma Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering process Qin C.P.,Zheng Y.G.,Wei R. SURFACE AND COATINGS TECHNOLOGY 2010 204 6 3530
Grain refinement of Al-Cu alloy under the action of low voltage pulsed magnetic field Li Y J , Tao W Z , Yang Y S JOURNAL OF MATERIAL PROCESS TECHNOLOGY 2012 212 4 903-909
Microstructure of carbides at grain boundaries in nickel based superalloys Dong X M, Zhang X L, Du K, Zhou Y Z, Jin T, Ye H Q JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2012 28 11 1031-1038
Hybrid effect of nano particles with carbon fibers on the mechanical and wear properties of polymer composites. Lin G M, Xie G Y, Sui G X?, Yang R Composites: Part B 2012 43 1 44-49
Microstructural study on Kirkendall voids formation in Sn-containing/Cu solder joints during solid-state aging Liu Z Q, Shang P J, Tian F F, Li D X MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS 2013 19 Suppl 4 105-108
Highly efficient dehydrogenation of primary aliphatic alcohols catalyzed by Cu nanoparticles dispersed on rod-shaped La2O2CO3 Wang F, Shi R J, Liu Z Q, Shang P J, Pang X Y, Shen S, Feng Z C, Li C, Shen W J ACS CATALYSIS? 2013 3 5 890-894
Wide Gap TLP Bonding a Single-Crystal Superalloy: Evolution of the L/S Interface Morphology and Formation of the Isolated Grain Boundaries Sheng N C, Liu J D, Jin T, Sun X F, Hu Z Q Metallurgical and materials transactions A:Physical metallurgy and materials science 2013 44 4 1793-1804
Mouldable all-carbon integrated circuits Sun D M, Timmermans M Y, Kaskela A, Nasibulin A G, Kishimoto S, Mizutani T, Kauppinen E I, Ohno Y NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2013 4 2302 41647
A comparison of corrosion behavior in saline environment: Rare earth metals (Y, Nd, Gd, Dy) foralloyingof biodegradable magnesium alloys Zhao X, Shi L L, Xu J JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY 2013 29 781-787
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