2013 Sino-Germany Workshop on Microstructure-driven Design and Performance of Advanced Metals Held in IMR


The 2013 Sino-Germany Workshop on Microstructure-driven design and performance of advanced metals was held in IMR from Apr. 13th to Apr. 16th, 2013, sponsored by Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (SYNL).

Participants from the both side delivered numerous magnificent original research reports focused on the microstructure-driven design and performance of advanced metals, including plastic deformation/mechanical behavio, alloying, diffusion and phase transition, nano-structure/microstructure design, computation & simulation, thermodynamic study. Besides, participants formed a deep discussion about the bilateral cooperation on nanometallic materials and other advanced materials, especially about the research content, the forms of cooperation and implementation program. A cooperative plan was also made to enhance the multi-cooperation.

The workshop was presided by Prof. LU Ke from Institute of Metal Research (IMR) and Prof. Dierk Raabe from Max-Planck-Institute for Iron Research (MPIE). At the opening ceremony, Prof. YANG Rui, the director of IMR and Prof. CHEN Lesheng, the deputy director of Chinesisch-Deutschen Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung, delivered speech severally. 25 scholars presented on the workshop from Germany, Austria and China, including Prof. Herbert Gleiter, the pathfinder of nano-metallic research, Prof. Reiner Kirchheim, the editor of Acta Materialia and other extraordinarily scholars. The workshop also had domestic participation from institutes and universities like IMR, Tsinghua University, City University of Hong Kong, Chonqing University, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, etc.

The workshop gained a lot of support from Chinesisch-Deutschen Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), we hereby express truly thankfulness.

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