2017 International Symposium on Multi-Scale Modeling & Simulation of Materials Held in IMR


As the 10th annual meeting of the Computational Materials Science Branch (CMSB) of the Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS), the 2017 International Symposium on Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Materials was held in the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS), from July 3 to 7,2017.

The Chairman of the organizing committee, Prof. XU Dongsheng from IMR, presided over the opening ceremony. Prof. YANG Rui, the director of IMR, delivered the welcome speech, in which he reviewed the rapid progress of computational materials research in recent years, and pointed out that the introduction of new ingredients such as materials modeling will accelerate the development of materials science and make its future brighter, but because of the complexity of materials, especially the structural materials, it is still a long way to go to realize the demand-oriented new materials design. Prof. GONG Xingao from Fudan University, Chairman of CMSB, warmly congratulated the opening of the conference. Prof. LV Guanghong from Beihang University, Secretary General of the CMSB, introduced the history of CMSB. A brief award ceremony was held and the first Computational Materials Science Early Career Award was conferred to Prof. CHEN Shiyu from the East China Normal University.

This symposium, continuing the tradition of this conference series, consisted of a seminar part on multi-scale modeling and simulation of materials and a training part on the new advances in computational methods. The meeting invited 30 renowned scholars in the field of materials computation and characterization, including Professor Fionn Dunne from Imperial College London, Professor Anthony Rollett from Carnegie Mellon University, Professor David Rodney from the University of Lyon, Professor Yunzhi Wang from the Ohio State University, Professor Shigenobu Ogata from Osaka University, Dr. Roman Voskoboynikov from the National Research Center Kurchatov Institute, Professor Kim Meow Liew from the City University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tongjai Chookajorn from the Thailand National Metal and Materials Technology Center. The latest achievements were reported on topics such as MGI and ICME methodology, first principles electronic structure calculations, atomistic simulations of kinetics processes, mesoscopic simulations of microstructure evolution, thermo-mechanical process simulations, collaboration between modeling and experimental characterization, etc. More than 300 representatives from 12 countries and regions participated in the 4-day meeting. Extensively exchange was achieved on a number of topics centering on mechanical properties of structural materials.

30 talks given by the leading experts world-wide have shown the latest progress in the field of computational materials and promoted the exchange between domestic and foreign counterparts. The subsequent training lectures have provided a good opportunity for young scholars to learn the new method of materials computation. In addition to the invited talks and training lectures, conference poster session was arranged for young researchers and graduate students to showcase their research findings and to exchange ideas. Participating experts, young scholars and students held in-depth discussions on material calculation and simulation. 10 best posters were chosen by a panel consisting of the invited speakers and the Committee of the CMSB and awarded. Many participants expressed their appreciation of the high-level seminar and poster exhibitions, and said such an experience will be very helpful in promoting their work and study.

The meeting was one of the annual meetings organized by the CMSB, C-MRS, aiming at exchanging the latest world-wide development in materials computation, to train interdisciplinary talents with multi-scale modeling and simulation capability, and to promote the computational materials research. 10 symposiums have been successfully held so far around China: Fudan University (2008, 2013), Tsinghua University (2009), Institute of Metal Research, CAS (2010, 2017), Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS (2011), University of Science and Technology Beijing (2012), Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS (2014), Beihang University (2015), and Dalian University of Technology (2016). The next meeting will be hosted by the Northwestern Polytechnical University. The supports from MTI, Sugon, CompuTherm, PARATERA and Tri-ibiotech were gratefully acknowledged.

At the symposium (Image by IMR)

The opening ceremony (Image by IMR)

Computational Materials Science Early Career Award (Image by IMR)

Part of the invited lectures (Image by IMR)

Group photo of 10 best poster awards (Image by IMR)

Group photo (Image by IMR)
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