Prof. WANG Jingyang Named Academician of World Academy of Ceramics


Prof. WANG Jingyang from High-performance Ceramics Division at Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been elected an Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics.

Prof. WANG Jingyang has been internationally recognized for his sustained contributions to innovative technology in processing bulk, low-dimensional and porous ceramics, and to fundamental understanding of multi-scale structure-property relationship of advanced structural ceramics. Prof. Wang Jingyang was the recipient of Acta Materialia Silver Medal Award, ASM-IIM Visiting Lectureship Award, JACerS Loyalty Recognition Award, ACerS Global Star Award, National Leading Talent of Young and Middle-aged Scientists, Second prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award, and First prize for Science and Technology Progress Award. Prof. Wang Jingyang serves as the Chair-elect of the Engineering Ceramic Division of ACerS, Chair of the John Jeppson Award Committee of ACerS, Member of International Advisory Board of the European Ceramic Society, and some committee members of professional societies.

The World Academy of Ceramics, founded in 1987, defines itself as an international community “directed towards promoting progress in the field of ceramics and fostering a better understanding of the social impact and cultural interactions of ceramics science, technology, history, and art.”

Appointment as academician goes to individuals who have made internationally renowned contributions to the advancement of ceramics culture, science and technology. Elections to the Academy are held on a regular basis, and the maximum number of Academicians is limited to 200 people worldwide.

Prof. WANG Jingyang will be officially presented with the Academy Diploma at the opening ceremony of CIMTEC 2018, to be held in Perugia, Italy, on June 4-14, 2018.

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