Prof. Kazunari Domen from University of Tokyo Visits IMR


The recipient of 2019 Lee Hsun Lecture Series—Lee Hsun Lecture Award, Prof. Kazunari Domen from University of Tokyo visited Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS) from May 15 to 17, 2019.

During the visit, Prof. Domen delivered a lecture entitled “Photocatalytic Water Splitting For Large Scale Solar Hydrogen Production”. In his lecture, he gave an brief introductions about various kinds of photocatalyst sheets his team developed, one of which consisting of La- and Rh-codoped SrTiO3 for H2 evolution and Mo-doped BiVO4 for O2 evolution embedded into a conductor layer for Z-scheme water splitting. He also introduced panel-type reactors that accommodate photocatalyst sheets effectively in view of large-scale application.

Prof. Domen also conducted thorough discussions with Prof. LIU GANG ‘s team in Advanced Carbon Division at IMR, Prof. WANG Lianzhou from University of Queensland, Prof. XU Xiaoxiang from Tongji University and Dr. WANG Xuewen from Nanchang University.

Prof. Domen received his Ph.D. (1982) in chemistry from the University of Tokyo. He is a Professor at the University of Tokyo. He has also been a Specially Appointed Professor at Shinshu University since 2017. His research area includes heterogeneous catalysis, materials chemistry, and surface science. He dedicated himself into the development of photocatalysts for water splitting and new functional materials for catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis reactions by infrared spectroscopy and surface reaction dynamics by nonlinear laser spectroscopy.

Prof. Domen has won numerous awards for his scientific contributions, including Catalysis Society of Japan Awards in 2007, The Chemical Society of Japan Awards in 2011, and The Japan Petroleum Institute Award in 2018.

Prof. LIU Gang, the Deputy Director of IMR presents the plaque of Lee Hsun Lecture Series to Prof. Kazunari Domen. (Image by IMR)

Prof. Kazunari Domen delivers a lecture. (Image by IMR)






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