J.R. Greer (Topic: Materials by Design:3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials)


Topic: Materials by Design:3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials

Speaker: J.R. Greer,
     California Institute of Technology, USA

Time: 15:00-16:30, (Thursday) Jul.12th, 2018

Venue: Room 468,LeeHsun Building, IMR CAS


Creation of extremely strong and simultaneously ultra lightweight materials can be achieved by incorporating architecture into material design. We fabricate three dimensional(3D) nano-architectures, i.e. nanolattices, whose constituents vary in sizefrom several nanometers to tens of microns to centimeters. These nanolattices can exhibit superior thermal, photonic, electrochemical, and mechanical properties at extremely low mass densities (lighter than aerogels), which renders them ideal for many scientific pursuits and technological applications. The dominant properties of such meta-materials, where individual constituent size at each relevant scale (atoms to nanometers to microns) is comparable to the characteristic microstructural length scale of the constituent solid, are largely unknown because of their multi-scale nature. To harness the beneficial properties of 3D nano-architected meta-materials, it iscritical to assess properties at each relevant scale while capturing the overall structural complexity.

We describe the deformation, as well as the mechanical, biochemical, electrochemical, thermal, and photonic properties of nanolattices made of different materials with varying microstructural detail. Attention is focused on uncovering the synergy between the internal atomic-level microstructure and the nano-sized external dimensionality, where competing material- and structure-induced size effects drive overall response and govern these properties. Specific discussion topics include the nanofabrication and characterization of (often hierarchical) three-dimensional nano architected meta-materials and their applications in chemical and biological devices,ultra light weight energy storage systems, damage-tolerant fabrics, and photonic

Some Relevant publications:

1. A.Vyatskikh, S. Delalande, A. Kudo, X. Zhang, and J. R. Greer “Additive Manufacturing of 3D Nano-Architected Metals” Nature Communications (2018)

2. L. R. Meza, S. Das, J. R. Greer “Strong, Lightweight and Recoverable Three-Dimensional Ceramic Nanolattices” Science 345, 1322-1326 (2014)

3. D. Yee, M. D. Schulz, R. H. Grubbs, J. R. Greer “Functionalized threedimensional nano-architectures via thiol-Michael addition and two-photon
lithography” Advanced Mater 29, 1605293 (2017)

4. M. Lifson, M.-W. Kim, J.R. Greer, and B.-J. Kim “Enabling Simultaneous Extreme Ultra Low-k in Stiff, Resilient, and Thermally Stable Nano-Architected
Materials” Nano Letters 17 (12), 7737–7743 (2017)

5. A. Maggi, H. Li, and J.R. Greer “3-D Nano-Architected Scaffolds with Tunable Stiffness for Efficient Bone Tissue Growth” Acta Biomater. 63, 294-305 (2017)

6. L. Meza, et al., J.R. Greer “Hierarchy in 3-D Architected Meta-Materials Brings Resilience” Proc of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences 112 (37), 11502 (2015)

7. X. Xia, C. V. Di Leo, X. W. Gu, A. Lozano, J. R. Greer “In Situ Lithiation–Delithiation of Mechanically Robust Cu–Si Core–Shell Nanolattices in a Scanning Electron Microscope” ACS Energy Letters 1, 492–499 (2016)

8. V. Chernow, H. Alaeian, J. Dionne, J.R. Greer “"Polymer Nanolattices as Mechanically Tunable 3-Dimensional Photonic Crystals" Appl. Phys. Lett 107,
101905 (2015).

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