Prof. Xinghang Zhang(Topic: Radiation response of Cu with nanovoids and nanotwins)


Topic: Radiation response of Cu with nanovoids and nanotwins

Speaker: Prof. Xinghang Zhang

    School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University

Time: 10:00-11:30, July 2 (Tuesday), 2019

Venue: Room 468, Lee Hsun Building

Welcome to attend!


  Severe high-energy particle (neutron) and ion irradiation environment can introduce significant microstructural damage such as void swelling and consequent degradation of mechanical properties in irradiated metallic materials. It remains a scientific challenge to design advanced radiation tolerant materials. Numerous approaches have been applied to alleviate radiation damage. Here we use in situ heavy ion irradiation technique to reveal direct evidence of defect-twin boundary interactions. The mechanical behavior of irradiated nanotwinned Cu will be presented. Strategy to stabilize twin boundaries during radiation is discussed. In situ radiation studies also reveal the shrinkage of nanovoids. Phase field simulations were performed to understand the evolution of nanovoids. These studies provide insight towards the design of stable radiation tolerant nanostructured metals.

Short Biography of Prof. Xinghang Zhang:

    Xinghang Zhang obtained his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 2001. After spending 12 years at Texas A&M University, he joined Purdue University as a professor in 2016. Zhang’s team excels at radiation damage and mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline, nanotwinned, and nanolayered metals. He has published more than 200 journal articles with more than 9,000 citations. He has delivered numerous invited talks internationally. Among more than 20 of his Ph.D. students graduated so far, 6 have become professors at university and many others are at US national laboratories. He is the vice Chair of the Nanomechanical Behavior of Materials Committee at the TMS, and an associate editor for Science Advances. Zhang has received numerous research awards, including National Science Foundation’s Early Career award (2007), TEES Fellow award (2013), and College of Engineering Holleran-Bowman Faculty Fellow award (2014). TMS Brimacome award (2018). Zhang can be reached at

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