Dr. Xianghai An(Topic:Nanostructure engineering toward high-performance multiple principle alloys)


Topic:Nanostructure engineering toward high-performance multiple principle alloys 

Speaker:Dr. Xianghai An

Time:14:00-15:00 (Fri.),Jan.5, 2024

Venue:Room 403,shichangxu Building, IMR CAS


Nanostructure engineering toward high-performance multiple principle alloys 

Xianghai An   

  1 School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia 

  Email: xianghai.an@sydney.edu.au  



High-performance alloys, playing critical roles in the performance and lifespan of many engineering components, are the backbone of decarbonising innovations in manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation. A vital requirement for all structural materials is that they are strong, ductile, durable, and damage tolerant. However, these characteristics cannot currently be obtained simultaneously. After decades of exploration, many engineering alloys seem to have approached their performance limits. The fundamental tenet in materials science is that a material’s properties are dictated by its compositions and nanostructures. Recently, by mixing three or more major elements in massive quantities, a new paradigm of multiprincipal element alloys (MPEA), also well known as high-entropy alloys (HEA), has been recently exploited, enabling a vast compositional space previously inaccessible and presenting a multitude of new opportunities for novel deformation mechanisms and then material properties. A delicate incorporation of local chemical and structural heterogeneities spanning multiple length scales could greatly push the boundaries of material properties beyond current benchmark ranges. In this presentation, I will discuss the distinct deformation mechanisms at the nano-and micro-scale and the superior mechanical properties of MPEAs/HEAs with local chemical and nanostructural heterogeneities.  


Dr. Xianghai An is a senior lecturer/Robinson Fellow in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering (AMME) at the University of Sydney (USyd) and serves as an Associate Head (research training) of AMME. His research mainly focuses on mechanical behaviour and microstructural design of advanced metallic materials at hierarchical length scales, nanomechanics and nanoplasticity, and additive manufacturing. He has so far published about 90 papers in top peer-reviewed journals such as Science, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Progress in Materials Science, Applied Physics Review, Acta Materialia, and International Journal of Plasticity, etc, attracting a high citation of ~5200 (Google Scholar) and H-index of 41. He also secured several highly competitive fellowships and awards, such as a USyd DVCR Research Fellow supported (2014-2016), a DECRA Fellow supported by ARC (2017-2019), the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Germany in 2016), Dean’s Research Award for 2018. As the inaugural Robinson Fellows named after Sir Robert Robinson who was the first Nobel Prize winner in USYD, He is the only one recipient in the Faculty of Engineering.  

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