Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials Division


Brief Introduction

Much of the development of practical metallic materials has dealt with non-equilibrium or metastable states. The growing demand for optimized materials has stimulated the development of novel microstructures with attractive properties. The microstructural magnification of departures from equilibrium can be achieved by diverse processing routes, such as increased defect concentrations, microstructural refinement, metallic glasses, extended solid solutions, and metastable phases. With a non-equilibrium state, the relaxation of the constraint of being in equilibrium provides access to a wider range of structures. It provides an opportunity to tailor microstructures, some of which can be expected to show superior properties. These materials may be of interest as a final product or intermediate on the way to the final product. The research projects in this division focus on analyzing and controlling the microstructure of new non-equilibrium materials (often alloys). These investigations should supplement knowledge of microstructure-property relationships, which are essential for the design of new materials with high performance beyond present limitations.

Research Areas

♦ Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of the Formation of Non-equilibrium States in Metals and Alloys
♦ Computer Simulation of the Formation and Evolution of Non-equilibrium States in Metals and Alloys
♦ Stability of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials under Temperature, Pressure, and Applied Electrical or Magnetic Fields
♦ Microstructural Characterization and Phase Transformation of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials
♦ Mechanical, Magnetic, Thermal, and Corrosion-resistant Behavior of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials
♦ Synthesis and Processing of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials
♦ Processability of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials
♦ Exploration of Non-equilibrium Metallic Materials in Engineering Application

Research Highlights

Gradient of nanostructured materials with both strength and plasticity

Nano-twinning strengthening mechanism

NANO-TWIN structure block material



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