Laboratory of Materials Fatigue and Fracture


Brief Introduction

The fatigue of materials is referred to as the accumulation and evolution of internal defects that result in the consequent property deterioration of materials. The main processes of fatigue are the nucleation and propagation of local cracks and finally fatigue fracture. Fatigue fractures can often cause tremendous and catastrophic accidents. Currently, this division is systematically conducting innovative research on the plastic deformation and mechanisms of strengthening and toughening advanced structural materials (nano-crystalline and ultrafine-grained materials, nanotwin metals, metallic glassy materials, thin films, and small-scale materials), basic theories of fatigue and fractures of model materials, and fatigue life prediction of engineering materials. By combining macroscopic mechanical properties with microstructures and by combining basic theories with engineering applications, the main mission of this division is to develop new materials with high performance, new theories, and new testing technologies for fatigue and fractures that have clear physical implications and can be reliably employed in engineering applications.

Research Areas

? Effects of Crystallography and Grain Boundary on Cyclic Damage
? Fracture and Strength Theories of Metallic Materials
? Mechanical Properties of Bulk Nano-structured Metals
? Mechanical Properties of Thin Films and Small-scale Materials
? Super-long-life Fatigue of Various Engineering Materials
? Fatigue and Fracture of Super-alloy Materials
? Multi-axial Fatigue Behaviors of Metallic Materials

Research Highlights

New principles and methods for nanotwin strengthening of metallic materials
Uniform tensile fracture criterion that organically unifies the four classic fracture and strength criteria
Fatigue dislocation configuration evolution of face-centered cubic metal


Fatigue testing machines with different loadings

High-resolution scanning electron microscope 


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