Specialized Materials and Devices Division


Brief Introduction

This division is a materials and relevant devices-related comprehensive research collective, with eight research groups that have a variety of research directions, including metallic materials, inorganic materials, biomaterials, hydrogen storage materials, and composite materials, and related techniques for materials processing and device manufacturing. The division has undertaken many R&D projects from state and local governments and industries. We have provided a variety of high-performance advanced materials and relevant techniques for such areas as aviation, aerospace, shipping, machinery, oil, chemical, transportation, and medicine and achieved a number of influential research findings.

Research Areas

Biomedical Materials and Implants
We focus on R&D of novel metallic biomaterials with potential clinical applications, including high-nitrogen Ni-free stainless steel, antibacterial stainless steel, anti-ISR stainless steel, biodegradable magnesium-based metals, and antibacterial titanium alloys.

Advanced Structural Steels
We focus on R&D of micro-alloying steels, low-alloy steels, alloy steels, and stainless steels and establish optimized relationships of composition-microstructure-mechanical properties.

Hydrogen Storage Alloys and Applications
We focus on R&D of RE-based hydrogen storage alloys, negative electrode materials for MH-Ni batteries, Al-rich alloys for hydrogen generation, Mg-based hydrogen storage alloys, and various applications of hydrogen storage alloys.

Thermal Control Elements for Spacecraft and Materials Tribology
We focus on R&D of thermal control materials and elements for spacecraft and develop designs, materials, preparation processes, and testing technology for shield heaters, shield thermistors, shield thermocouples, and shield platinum resistors.

Advanced Metal-Forming Technology
We focus on R&D of advanced metal-forming technologies, new principles, novel techniques, and new equipment regarding steels, superalloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, and metal matrix composites.

Special Carbon Materials and Applications
We focus on R&D of special carbon materials oriented by requirements in high-tech areas and conduct research on relevant applications.

Particle-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
We focus on R&D of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites using powder metallurgy techniques and establish short-term and low-cost fabrication techniques with unique characteristics.

Thermo-structure Composites
We focus on R&D of fiber-reinforced carbon matrices and ceramic matrix composites and related production techniques.

Research Highlights

Special carbon materials

Microstructure of the C-ZrB2/SiC composite

Coronary artery stent made of novel stainless steel

Adhesions of S. aureus on 317L stainless steel (a) and 317L-Cu antibacterial stainless steel (b) after co-culture for 24 h, showing no bacterial bio-film formation on the latter.

Adhesion of E. coli on 317L stainless steel (a) and 317L-Cu antibacterial stainless steel (b) after co-culture for 24 h, showing no bacterial bio-film formation on the latter.


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