Environmental Corrosion Center (ECC)


Brief Introduction

We investigate the corrosion behavior and mechanisms of some key materials used in typical environments related to nuclear power, oil/gas fields, and petrochemical equipment (e.g., mechanochemical interactions, high temperature and pressure, multiphase flow, and corrosive atmosphere and soils). We monitor/detect failures and predict lifetimes of service performance of materials in corrosive environments. We develop novel corrosion-resistant materials and coatings to ensure the safe service of materials in significant projects. The developed Mg alloys and protective coatings have been applied in motor vehicles. Nanometer composite paints have been applied in airplanes, electric power facilities, and ships.

Research Areas

1. Mechanochemical Interaction
We study corrosion, stress corrosion cracks, and the corrosion fatigue of nuclear materials, long-distance pipeline steel, structural marine materials, and petrochemical materials in H2S/CO2 environments.

2. Development of Novel Mg Alloys and Surface Treatment Techniques
We design and develop novel Mg alloys, characterize microstructures and properties, and perform advanced forming and machining techniques and corrosion and surface treatment.

3. Corrosion Behavior in High-Temperature and -Pressure Environments
We study high-temperature corrosion electrochemistry and on-line monitoring techniques, perform R&D of simulation equipment in high-temperature and -pressure environments, analyze environmental damage behavior, and predict lifetimes.

4. Nano-composite Coatings and Other Films
We study nano-composite coatings applied in the fields of space, electric power, and offshore platforms, functional plating film materials, electroless plating, electroplating, and anodizing treatments.

5. Erosion Corrosion & Cavitation Erosion in Multiphase Flow
We study erosion corrosion, cavitation erosion, and their interactions in multiphase flow environments that consist of gas/liquid/solid.

6. Natural Environment Corrosion
We study the corrosion behavior of materials in the typical atmosphere and corrosive soils and data from the National Natural Environmental Corrosion station network.

7. Electrochemical Design of Corrosion-resistant Materials
We study theories and applications of corrosion electrochemistry and improve the corrosion resistance of metal materials through alloy design.

8. Corrosion Monitoring
We study the development and application of corrosion monitoring techniques.

Research Highlights

Product film formed in supercritical water environment

Corrosion-resistant mechanism of a cost-effective weathering steel and its manufacture and application

Microstructure of self-sealing-pore micro arc oxidation (MAO) film and photo after salt spray test for 1000 h

Nano-composite coatings applied to the anticorrosion engineering of Central China Power Grid

Stray current of grounding grid in substation tested by SCM-4200 intelligent stray current meter


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