Gas Analysis


Division of the Gas Analysis

The division of the Gas Analysis was built in 1953,which is the China First Laboratory worked on gas element analysis in metals. Now it is still one of the few laboratories with the ability to determination of 5-gas-elements (O/N/H/Ar/He) in metals. It is run by the excellent scientific workers and equipped with the first class instruments in the world.


TCH600 O/N/H Analyzer

The top gas analyzer for solid-materials manufactured by LECO, which determines O,N,H three elements at same time in metals such as steel, titanium and  Ti alloys, copper, nickel, supper-alloys. The single equipment contained both the smelting system and analyzing system. The solid-block sample is dropped into hot carbon crucible which is smelt by impulse furnace. The gas element is released at both inert-gas and rich-carbon atmosphere. Oxygen is reduced to CO/CO2 and detected by the infrared detectors. Nitrogen is released in N2 and detected by the thermo conductivity. Hydrogen is released in H2 and oxidized by hot CuO. H element is detected by the infrared detector in form of H2O.The best multiple three element analyzer is applied for the most samples in the laboratory, that is TCH600 O,N,H Analyzer.

RH-404 H/He Determinator

The H/He Determinator was used for analyzing hydrogen before and is applied for analyzing helium now. It is made in USA by LECO for determination of H and reformed by us for He analysis. The analysis limit of helium is 1.0 µg/g(ppm) for metals such as copper, titanium, cobalt and so on. The instrument is formed with two parts, one impulse furnace heating part working for smelting samples, the other analysis part functioned as analyzer with the thermo conductivity detector.RH-404 Reformed He Determinator is the first He analyzer for metals in China.


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