Nondestructive testing


Division of the Nondestructive testing

The division of nondestructive testing was supervised by Famous scientist Dr. Ke Tingsui soon after establishment of the institute of metal research in 1955. From then on we conducts research on physical principles and methods of NDT, develop NDT instruments & systems and offer the testing service.

The involved field include ultrasonic and ultrasonic guided wave, radiographic and real-time imaging, eddy current and remote field, magnetic particle, penetration, video imaging, endoscope and magnetic memory, etc.


Many kinds of ultrasonic detectors linked to special transducers are applied to different applications,besides conventional testing such as welding joints、forges..., particular products with different materials and different structures can also be soloved by designing and fabricate  the related scanning devices with particular probes.


The experiences of testing precision complex  casting(high temperature alloy investment casting  blade ) 、welding structure (gas shielded welding、argon arc welding、electron beam welding )、micro-electronics component and other products applied for aircraft and aerospace industry 、pressure vessel  industry、nuke industry etc.


The fluorescent penetrant testing system were conformed to the quality control  demand of the standards of ASTM E1417、HB/Z61、JB/T4730 etc.,could carry out  water washing or post emulsification for different products condition.

Developed and Integrated testing system by the division of NDT

Serials of Ultrasonic, Magnetic leakage flux, Eddy current, Video imaging and image processing instruments and systems have been developed , the accurate and intelligent instruments and systems are useful for aerospace, nuclear energy, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, automotive industries and so on. Especially,the group has experience and advanced systems in inspection of critical pipes which are used in aircrafts and nuclear power reactors(see the above picture,Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Systems).

Developed and Integrated testing system by the division of NDT

BU-4 Ultrasonic Testing System was developed for titanium bars applied in the field of aircraft industry ,featured high sensitivity and higher reliability , in some occasions  it can be run with higher testing velocity because of the flexible and  precise parameters adjustment .Of course ,it could also be suitable for testing tubes,  what is more, it could withstand relatively more serious flexibility.


To  increase the feasibility to the discontinuities, all kinds of portable devices ,such as magnetic yoke、penetrant testing  suite 、eddy current、endoscope..., have often been used, at the same time,they can adapt to testing task outside  laboratory.

After the defects are found in materials and parts by NDT, the further analysis and identification of the defects can also been conducted.


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